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Otokar Kaya
Place of origin  Turkey
Production history
Designer Otokar
Manufacturer Otokar
Variants Personnel Carrier, Cargo Carrier
Weight 12500 kg
Length 6483mm
Width 2500mm
Height 2916mm
Crew 2+10

Engine 4cyl - Turbo Int - 4800 cc
218 hp @ 2200 rpm
Suspension 4×4 wheeled
Speed 96km/h

Kaya is designed and developed by Otokar as a mine-protected vehicle (MRAP). It's based on the proven Unimog 500 chassis for high level cross country mobility.

Otokar Kaya comes in two primary variants:

  • one being the armoured personnel carrier (APC) with armoured driver's cabin in the front and armoured troop compartment in the back that can carry 10 fully equipped soldiers. Due to its flexible design, the APC variant can be adapted into an ambulance or a command post vehicle.
  • The second variant is a cargo carrier with protected driver's cabin but without the troop compartment in the back, instead having an unprotected flatbed cargo area.

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