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Otobreda 127mm/54C
Calibre: 127 mm (5 inch)
Mass of the system: 37500 kg (without ammunition)
Magazine: 66 (ready to fire in three drums)
Mass of one round: 888 mm length shell: 15.44 kg
665 mm length shell: 31.75 kg
Elevation: Minimum -15°
Maximum +83°
Range: ±30 km (100 km with guided VOLCANO ammunition)
Turning limitation: ±165° from centerline
Rotation speed: 40°/s (with acceleration of 45°/s2)
Elevation speed: 30°/s (with acceleration of 40°/s2)
Cooling: sea water - fresh water for flushing
Rate of fire: 40 rds/min
Electrical Power supply 440V, 3-phase, 60 Hz (275kVA - 20% max peak power for 0.4 sec)

The Otobreda 127mm/54 Compact (127/54C) gun is a dual purpose naval artillery piece built by the Italian company Oto Melara. It uses the 127mm round which is also used in the 5 inch/ 54 gun, albeit that this gun calibre is measured in imperial measurements rather than metric. The gun uses an automatic loading system where 66 127mm rounds of various kinds can be stored ready-to-fire in three loader drums (each holding 22 rounds). The barrel is water-cooled. Currently the gun is still in use by navies around the world but it is slowly being replaced by the Otobreda 127/64 for new vessels, of which the German Navy F125-class frigate and Italian Navy FREMM

127/64 Lightweight

A replacement of the 127/54 compact, Oto Melara started the design in 1992, and completed in 2003[1] The new lightweight gun, weighing 17 tons without magazine or ammunition handling has a rate of fire of 35rpm, and can fire the long range guided Vulcano ammunition.


Operators of the Oto Melara 127 Naval Gun

The Otobreda 127/54 Compact is used in the following countries and ship classes:

 South Korea

The Otobreda 127/64 Lightweight is used in the following countries and ship classes:


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