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Oskars Perro
Born (1918-09-26)September 26, 1918
Died May 2, 2003(2003-05-02) (aged 84)
Place of birth Mazsalaca, Russian Empire
Place of death Canada
Allegiance 1941-1945 Nazi Germany Nazi Germany
Years of service 1941–1945
Rank Waffen-Obersturmfuhrer, Latvian Legion
Iron Cross 2nd & 1st class

Oskars Perro (1918–2003) was Latvian soldier and writer. First Latvian in second world war, who was awarded with iron cross.


Oskars Perro was born in Mazsalaca, Latvia at 26 September 1918. He studied medicine in Latvian University. In 1941. his family suffered in soviet mass deportations. When soviet German war break out in June 1941, Oskars Perro volunteered in German army. In December 1941, first Latvian units was sent to eastern front. In January 1942, Perro with small group of Latvian soldiers was trapped near Demyansk pocket, at Kholm. He was wounded twice, but managed to survive until the pocket was libarated in May 1942. For his valour in these battles he was awarded with Iron Cross 2nd Class, thus becaming first Latvian in second world war who was awarded with it. After that he was treated in military hospitals in Kaunas and Munchen.

After treatment he returned to Riga and was assigned as lecturer in training of NCO. In spring 1943 he was put in the military hospital in Riga for further treatment.

When was established Latvian Legion, he was assigned to legion staff and became legions communications officer in Latvian radio. In April 1944 Oskars Perro returned to eastern front. By the order of general inspector of Latvian Legion Rūdolfs Bangerskis, he was assigned as communications officer to German VI SS Corps. Both Latvian waffen SS divisions in that time was in Velikaya river positions and was part of VI SS corps. Commander of VI army corps Karl Pfeffer-Wildenbruch appointed Perro as his personal aide. After heavy battles in summer 1944 when Latvian Legion retreated to Latvia Oskars Perro was commanded to 19th. Waffen SS (2nd Latvian) division. There he was assigned as staff officer and later served in 19th. Fusilier battalion under command of Waffen-Sturmbannführer Ernests Laumanis. In Courland pocket he was personal aide of Bruno Streckenbach, commander of 19th. Waffen SS division. In spring 1945 he commanded company in Waffen-Grenadier Regiment der SS 43 in the same division. In Courland pocket he was awarded with the Iron Cross 1st Class. In 27th. April he was fifth time injured and on the 8th. May, with the last ship from Ventspils, evacuated to Germany. On the 12th. may ship arrived in Kiel and Oskars Perro, just like other passengers, entered in Allied captivity. He finished war in the rank of Waffen-Obersturmfuhrer.[1]

Life after war

After treatment and captivity he restored his studies. First in Germany, but since 1948 in Canada. He was active member of Latvian exile organizations. Published five, autobiographical books about Second world war. Oskars Perro died in 2nd. May 2003 in Canada. He was member of Latvian student fraternity Fraternitas Cursica.


  • In Latvian:
  • Holmas cietoksnis (1982.)
  • Vēstures veidotāji (1985.)
  • Neuzvarēto traģēdija (1987.)
  • Karavīksnes lokā (1988.)
  • Dvēseļu cietokšņi (1997.)
  • In English:
  • Fortess Cholm (1992.)


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