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Ordre du Mérite militaire
File:Chevalier Ordre du merite militaire.jpg
Knight of the Ordre du Mérite militaire
Awarded by  France
Type Order with three degrees:
Status Deprecated 3 December 1963 by the Ordre National du Mérite
Grades (w/ post-nominals)
  • Commandeur
  • Officier
  • Chevalier
Established 22 March 1957
Next (higher) Ordre du Mérite Maritime

The Ordre du Mérite militaire (Order of Military Merit) was a ministerial order of merit of France created on 22 March 1957 to recognize the contributions of active members of the military reserves during times of peace. The order was administered and awarded the Ministry of Defence. The order was created to replace the Croix des services militaires volontaires established in 1934. Holders of the Cross were made members of the Ordre du Mérite militaire, bronze holders as knights, silver holders as officers, and gold holders as commanders.[1]

The Order was deprecated by decree on 3 December 1963, and superseded by the Ordre national du Mérite. Extant members may continue to display their decorations.[2]


The Order has three classes:

  • Commandeur (Commander)
  • Officier (Officer)
  • Chevalier (Knight)
Ribbon bars
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Ordre du Merite militaire Officier ribbon.svg
Ordre du Merite militaire Commandeur ribbon.svg


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