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Ordre du Mérite Maritime
Kruis van een Commandeur in de Orde Merite Maritime.jpg
Awarded by  France
Type Order of Merit with 3 degrees:
Commandeur (commander)
Officier (officer)
Chevalier (knight)
Awarded for Distinguished service of professional sailors and the merit of civilian mariners
Status Active
Established 1930
Next (higher) Order of Agricultural Merit
Next (lower) Ordre des Arts et des Lettres

Ordre du Merite maritime Commandeur ribbon.svg
Ordre du Merite maritime Officier ribbon.svg

Ordre du Merite maritime Chevalier ribbon.svg

The Ordre du Mérite Maritime (Order of Maritime Merit) is a French order established on 9 February 1930 for services rendered by the seafarers to distinguish the risks involved and the services rendered by seamen; stressed over the importance of the economic role of the Merchant Navy to the country. The order was reorganized in 1948, and again by decree on 17 January 2002.


  • Merchant marine crew, civilian administrators, and the crews of lifeboats and rescues
  • Naval military personnel
  • Individuals who have distinguished themselves in maritime field


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