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Orders, decorations, and medals of Croatia

The system of honours of the Republic of Croatia was established after the independence of Croatia in 1991. There are eighteen main decorations awarded by the highest authorities of the Republic since 1995, in addition to several other medals.

Velered - Red - Spomenica

The orders, decorations, and medals authorized under the law instituted in 1995 are listed below in their order of precedence.[1] Some orders were instituted in 1992.

Orders and decorations are for merit in establishing, maintaining and promoting an autonomous, independent and sovereign Republic of Croatia, merit in the realization of the Croatian nation-building idea and the development and construction of the Republic of Croatia, and for exceptional courage and heroism in war, in immediate war danger or in special peacetime circumstances.[2]

Državna nagrada

Croatia also awards the Croatian State Award (Croatian language: Državna nagrada ) each year to Croatian citizens who have excelled in a specific field.


In addition to the orders and decorations above, Croatia has also established various medals for long service, etc., as well as a series of commemorative medals for the military campaigns in 1995. Among these are:

  • Medal for Participation in Operation "Flash" (Medalja za sudjelovanje u operaciji "Bljesak")
  • Medal for Participation in Operation "Summer '95" (Medalja za sudjelovanje u operaciji "Ljeto '95")
  • Medal for Participation in Operation "Storm" (Medalja za sudjelovanje u operaciji "Oluja")
  • Medal for Exceptional Undertakings in Maintaining the Constitutional and Legal Order of the Republic of Croatia and Protecting Citizens' Lives and Property.

Medals are awarded "to members of the active and reserve components of the armed and police forces of the Republic of Croatia for participation in certain military-police operations and to individuals for exceptional undertakings."[2]

Government awards

State ministries grant or sponsor various other top-level annual awards:

  • Vladimir Nazor Award - Awarded for achievements in literature, music, film, applied art, theater art, architecture and urbanism.
  • Ivo Horvat Award - Awarded for work in conservation.
  • Franjo Bučar State Award for Sport


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