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Order of the Star of Karađorđe
Ridderkruis Orde van Karageorge met zwaarden 1914.jpg
Knight's Cross Order of Kara George with swords 1914-1918 or 1941-1945 in London. With the war ribbon
Awarded by
Kingdom of Serbia Kingdom of Serbia
Kingdom of Yugoslavia Kingdom of Yugoslavia
Type Order
Eligibility subjects of then Kingdom, after 1904 foreigners became eligible
Awarded for exceptional merit rendered to the King, State and Nation, for civilian or military service[1]
Status continuing
Established 1 January 1904
First awarded 1904
Last awarded 2012
Total awarded unknown
Next (higher) Order of Saint Prince Lazarus (1903-1930)
Order of the Yugoslav Crown (1930-1945)
Equivalent Order of Miloš the Great (suppressed 1903)
Next (lower) Order of the White Eagle
Order of the Karađorđe's Star rib.png
Civil ribbon of the order

Order of the Karađorđe's Star with Swords rib.png
Military ribbon of the order

Order of the Star of Karađorđe (Serbian language: Orden Karađorđeve zvezde, Орден Карађорђеве звезде) is the decoration established in Serbia in 1 January 1904 by King Peter I.[2] It was awarded in four degrees. The military version was established 1912 (Order of the Karađorđe's Star with Swords) and have it four decrees and fifth decree was established on 28 May 1915.

This decoration was awarded to the city of Belgrade on May 18, 1939.

The decoration was discontinued in the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, established after World War II, and reestablished in Serbia in 2009.[3] It is now the highest civilian award given by the Republic of Serbia.[4]



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