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Order of the Cross of Grunwald
Order Krzyża Grunwaldu
Order Krzyża Grunwaldu I class
Cross 1st Class - Obverse
Awarded by  Poland
Type Three-class military decoration
Eligibility Polish or foreign military
Awarded for Valour or merit in combat with Nazi Germany
Outstanding merit in commanding and development of the Polish Armed Forces
Status No longer awarded
Established November 1943
20 February 1944 (official date)
First awarded 1943/1944
POL Order Krzyża Grunwaldu 1 Klasy BAR.svg
1st Class Ribbon
POL Order Krzyża Grunwaldu 2 Klasy BAR.svg
2nd Class Ribbon
POL Order Krzyża Grunwaldu 3 Klasy BAR.svg
3rd Class Ribbon

The Order of the Cross of Grunwald (Polish language: Order Krzyża Grunwaldu ) was a military decoration created in November 1943 by the High Command of Gwardia Ludowa, a World War II Polish resistance movement in Poland organised by the Polish Workers Party. On 20 February 1944 it was confirmed by the State National Council and on 22 December by the Polish Committee of National Liberation and further confirmed on 17 February 1960 by the government of the People's Republic of Poland. Conferred to Polish or allied military for valour or merit in combat with Nazi Germany. After the end of the Second World War it continued to be awarded for outstanding merit in commanding or outstanding contribution to the development of the Polish Armed Forces. It was disestablished by the President of Poland via Parliament in 1992.

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