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This is the order of battle for the Six-Day War between Israeli Forces and Arab Forces which consisted of Syrian, Egyptian and Jordanian Military Forces. The war took place on June 5–10, 1967.

Israeli Forces[]

On full mobilization, the Israeli Army comprised some 250,000 men of whom almost three-quarters were reservists and one-quarter conscripts. Out of its 25 brigades, nine were armoured, two were fully mechanized and ten were infantry, some partly mechanized, as well as their paratroop brigades which also acted as elite assault troops. The brigades were assigned to six ugdas, or division-size task forces, whose composition varied according to their assigned mission and geographical area.

Minister of Defense - General Moshe Dayan

Chief of Staff - Lt Gen Yitzhak Rabin

Northern Command[]

Brig Gen. David Elazar

1st Golani Infantry Brigade
2nd Infantry Brigade
3rd Infantry Brigade
37th Armored Brigade
45th Armored Brigade


8th Armored Brigade - Col. Avraham Mandler (from Southern Command)
55th Paratroop Brigade - Col. Mordechai Gur (from June 7 onward)

Central Command[]

Brig. Gen. Uzi Narkiss

4th Reserve Infantry Brigade
5th Reserve Infantry Brigade
16th Etzioni Jerusalem Infantry Brigade
Ugda Peled (from Northern Command)
9th Reserve Infantry Brigade (Central Command)
37th Armored Brigade
45th Armored Brigade


10th Harel Mechanized Brigade (from GHQ Reserve)
55th Paratroop Brigade - Col. Mordechai Gur (from Southern Command)

Southern Command[]

Brig Gen Yeshayahu Gavish

84th Armored Division - Brig Gen Israel Tal
7th Armored Brigade - Col Menachem Aviram
60th Armored Brigade - Col. Rafael Eitan
202nd Paratroop Brigade - Col. Uri Baron
Recce Task Force - Col. Yisrael Granit
Granit Task Force - Lt Col. Uri Bar-On
46th Tank Battalion
215th Artillery Regiment
31st Armored Division - Brig Gen. Avraham Yoffe
200th Armored Brigade - Col Yissacher Shadmi
520th Armored Brigade - Col Elhanan Sela
38th Armored Division - Brig Gen. Ariel Sharon
14th Armored Brigade - Col. Mordechai Zippori
99th Infantry Brigade - Col. Yekutiel Adam
80th Paratroop Brigade - Col. Dani Matt
214th Artillery Regiment
226th Tank Batalion
35th Paratroop Brigade - Col. Aharon Davidi
40th Artillery Battalion
11th Infantry Brigade - Col. Yehuda Reshef

Syrian Army[]

The Syrian Army numbered 63,000. The field fortifications were held by eight brigades of which five were infantry brigades, each with an attached tank battalion of T-34/85s and SU-100 self-propelled guns, holding the first two lines and three armoured and mechanized brigades along and behind the third line. In addition there were four reserve infantry brigades deployed between Damascus and Kuneitra, as well as seven battalions of the National Guard militia that were deployed to bolster the defensive lines. These forces were divided into 'Group Brigades' in Syrian terminology although this was an administrative convenience rather than a tactical deployment.

12th Group Brigade
11th Infantry Brigade
132nd Reserve Infantry Brigade
80th Reserve Infantry Brigade
44th Armoured Brigade
35th Group Brigade
8th Infantry Brigade
19th Infantry Brigade
32nd Infantry Brigade
17th Mechanized Infantry Brigade
42nd Group Brigade
25th Infantry Brigade
50th Reserve Infantry Brigade
60th Reserve Infantry Brigade
14th Armoured Brigade

Jordanian Army[]

The 55,000-man Jordanian Army was divided into the Eastern and Western commands, with the division marked by the Jordan River. In June 1967, the bulk of the Jordanian forces was deployed in the West Bank in two main areas: in Samaria in the north, based in and around the towns of Jenin and Nablus and in the south in the area from Ramallah through Jerusalem down to Hebron.

Western Command

1st 'Princess Alia' Infantry Brigade
2nd 'Hashimi' Infantry Brigade
3rd TalaT Infantry Brigade
6th 'Qadisiya' Infantry Brigade
25th 'Khalid Ibn Walid' Infantry Brigade
27th 'Imam AN' Infantry Brigade
29th 'Hittin' Infantry Brigade
40th Armoured Brigade
60th Armoured Brigade

Eastern Command

Hussein Ali Infantry Brigade
Yarmouk Infantry Brigade
Royal Guard Brigade

Egyptian Army[]

official strength of 210,000 men in June 1967, the Egyptian Army had some 100,000 troops in the Sinai Peninsula and approximately 50,000 in Yemen with the remainder stationed to the west of the Suez Canal to protect Cairo. The Sinai Front Command comprised some six divisions with 930 tanks, 200 assault guns and 900 artillery pieces.

Sinai Front Command - Gen. Abd el Mushin Murtagi

Field commander Lt. Gen. Sallah el din Mohsen

2nd Infantry Division - Maj. Gen. Sadi Naguib
3rd Infantry Division - Maj. Gen. Osman Nasser
4th Armoured Division - Maj. Gen. Sidki el Ghoul
Task Force Shazli - Maj. Gen. Saad el Shazli
6th Mechanized Division - Maj. Gen. Abd el Kader Hassan
7th Infantry Division - Maj. Gen. Abd el Aziz Soliman
20th PLA Division Gaza - Maj. Gen. Mohammed Abd el Moneim Hasni
Infantry Brigade (Ind) - Brig. Mohammed Abd el Moneim Khalil
1st Armoured Brigade - Brig. Hussein Abd el Nataf
125th Armoured Brigade - Brig. Ahmed El-Naby


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