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GDR Karl-Marx-order rib.gif
The Order-Karl-Marks
Awarded by East GermanyEast Germany
Type Order
Status Not currently awarded
Established May 5, 1953
Total awarded 20,000
GDR Marks-order bar.png
The bar of the Order-Karl-Marks

The Order of Karl Marx (German language: Karl-Marx-Orden) was the most important order in the German Democratic Republic (GDR). Award of the order also included a prize of 20,000 East German marks.

The order was founded on May 5, 1953 on the occasion of Karl Marx's 135th birthday and on the recommendation of the GDR Council of Ministers. It was granted to individuals, enterprises, organizations, and military groups for exceptional merit in relation to ideology, culture, economy, and other designations. Additionally, citizens of other countries could also be awarded the order.

Recipients of the Order

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