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Operations Malheur I and Malheur II
Part of Vietnam War
DateMay 11 – August 2, 1967
LocationQuang Ngai Province
Result Tactical allied victory but strategically ineffective
Flag of the United States.svg United States
Flag of South Vietnam.svg South Vietnam
Flag of Vietnam.svg North Vietnam
FNL Flag.svg Viet Cong
Commanders and leaders
? ?
Casualties and losses
81 US 869 VC and NVA

Operation Malheur I and Operation Malheur II were a series of search and destroy operations conducted by the 1st Brigade 101st Airborne Division operating as part of Task Force Oregon in Quang Ngai Province.[1]

Operation Malheur I began on May 11, 1967 and continued until June 8, 1967. The operation began with airmobile assaults aimed at the 2nd Vietcong Regiment in Base Area 124 to the west of Đức Phổ District.[1]

Operation Malheur II began on June 8 and continued until August 2, 1967. The operation began with an air assault against Base Area 123 and on June 9 with an air assault against into the area west of the Song Ve valley.[1]

The operations mainly consisted of small-scale skirmishes and were successful in disrupting the VC/NVA, but failed to eradicate them. The VC/NVA were moving freely in the area again by the end of the year. U.S. forces also distributed in excess of 23 million leaflets in the area.

When the operations closed, the 101st reported 869 VC and NVA killed and 314 weapons captured, for the loss of 81 US killed.[1] The United States Agency for International Development reported 6,400 civilian casualties in the province for 1967, though obviously not all of these could be attributed to the Malheur operations or even to American military action.


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