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The Israeli Operations Directorate (Hebrew: אגף המבצעים‎) is a branch in the General Staff of the Israel Defense Forces, established in 1999, and alongside the regional commands, the Air Force and Sea corps and General Staff directorates, is responsible in planning for the exercising of military force. Since September 2012, it is headed by Aluf Yoav Har Even.


  • The responsibility for preparing the IDF for war, emergencies, and fluid security; the assembly and coordination for operative planning.
  • The responsibility for integrating the operative approach as followed from the national security one according to military doctrine.
  • Coordinating the General Staff's work in terms of exercising force with the other security arms, and forging IDF recommendations for the approval of the political branch.
  • Instructing the regional command, the Air Force, Sea corps, GOC Army Headquarters, the Technological and Logistics, Human Resources, Military Intelligence, with respect to the exercising of force and its coordination.


  • The Operations Division
  • The Instruction and Doctrine Division
  • The IDF Spokesperson
  • The Special Means Division
  • The Department for Campaign Design
  • The Centre for Consciousness Operations
  • The Inspection and Supervision Department
  • The General Staff Security Department

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