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Operational Service Medal for Sierra Leone
OSM for Sierra Leone BAR.svg
Operational Service Medal for Sierra Leone
Awarded by United Kingdom
Type Military Campaign Medal
Eligibility Members of the United Kingdom armed forces
Awarded for Campaign service
Campaign Sierra Leone 1999–2004
Status Currently awarded
Description Silver disk, 36mm diameter.
Clasps Nil issued
Established 2002

The Operational Service Medal for Sierra Leone is a campaign medal awarded since 2000 by the Ministry of Defence of the United Kingdom.


The medal is silver and circular in shape.

Obverse shows the crowned effigy of Queen Elizabeth.

Reverse bears the Union Flag, surrounded by the inscription ‘For Operational Service’ and the four major points of the compass, with four Coronets: Royal (top left), Naval (top right), Mural-Army (bottom left), and Astral-Royal Air Force (bottom right).


No clasp is issued. A large 'South Atlantic' (Falkland War) type rosette is worn on the medal itself for operational service within Sierra Leone. A smaller rosette is worn on the ribbon.


The ribbon consists of a broad central red stripe, flanked each side by a stripe of navy blue and one of light blue, to represent the three services, with an outer stripe of green to reflect the landscape of Sierra Leone.

Qualifying criteria

Awarded for service on any of 5 operations in Sierra Leone or the Joint Operational Area which included Senegal, Gibraltar and offshore support ships such as the RFA Argus.

Awarded for either 14, 21, 30 or 45 days continuous or accumulated service required between certain specified dates on either Op Palliser, Basilica or Silkman. Also awarded to those deployed on Op Maidenly or Op Barras on specified dates ranging from 1999 to 2002


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