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Operational Service Medal for Afghanistan
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Operational Service Medal for Afghanistan
Awarded by United Kingdom
Type Military Campaign Medal
Eligibility Members of the United Kingdom armed forces
Awarded for Campaign service
Campaign Afghanistan 2001-to date
Status Currently awarded
Description Silver disk, 36mm diameter.
  • Afghanistan
  • Statistics
    Established 2003

    The Operational Service Medal for Afghanistan is a campaign medal currently awarded by the Ministry of Defence of the United Kingdom.

    Qualifying criteria

    The award of this medal is complex; depending on length and area of service:

    • To qualify for the clasp, personnel must have either 5, 21, or 30 days continuous service between various dates, depending on the operation, for example between 11/09/2001 and 1/08/2002, or for a period later specified, on Operation Veritas, Operation Fingal and Operation Landman.[1]
    • To qualify for the medal without the clasp depends on service of varying lengths on operations, for example operation(s) Landman, Oracle, Ramson or Damien. Alternatively the medal is awarded for service in other middle eastern countries during specific dates. Pakistan, Oman and Qatar to name but a few.[1]


    The medal is silver and circular in shape and designed as follows:[1]

    • Obverse shows the crowned effigy of Elizabeth II.
    • Reverse bears the Union Flag, surrounded by the inscription ‘For Operational Service’ and the four major points of the compass, with four Coronets: Royal (top left), Naval (top right), Mural-Army (bottom left), and Astral-Royal Air Force (bottom right).


    The "Afghanistan" Clasp is awarded for service specifically in Afghanistan. Rosette on ribbon denotes clasp when no medal is worn. There are two types of 'Afghanistan' clasps to date, the first initial issue from 2002–2004 the clasp had a smooth background behind the writing and from Op Herrick onwards (2005 to present) the clasp has a 'dappled' effect behind the writing, just like the 'Northern Ireland' clasp on the 1962–2007 General Service Medal. A third type of background can be found on 1000 medals awarded during 2009. These were manufactured by Gladman & Norman Ltd under a one-off contract to help with increased medal demand. The medal is issued without the clasp for service outside Afghanistan in support of ongoing operations, i.e. Pakistan and Oman.[1] The medal is also awarded to UK civilians employed on Ministry of Defence contracts in support of the British Forces in Afghanistan.Qualifying criteria is the same as HM Forces.The recipients name and title (Mr,Mrs etc) are engraved on the edge of the medal,whereas the military recipients have their rank,name and service number.


    The ribbon consists of a broad central red stripe, flanked each side by a stripe of navy blue and one of light blue, to represent the three services, with an outer stripe of light brown, to represent the Afghan landscape.[1]

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