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Operational Command East
OC East UGF.svg
OC East (green)
Active January 2015 – present
Country  Ukraine
Branch Ukrainian Ground Forces
Type Military district
Garrison/HQ Dnipro
Engagements War in Donbass
Major General Serhiy Nayev[1]
Chevron Оперативне командування «Схід».png

Operational Command East (OC East) is a formation of the Ukrainian Ground Forces in eastern Ukraine. Its headquarters is currently located in Dnipro.


When Ukraine gained independence from the Soviet Union in 1992, there were three Soviet military districts on its territory. These were the Kiev Military District, Odessa Military District and the Carpathian Military District. In January 1998, the Southern Operational Command was created from the Odessa MD and the eastern part of Kiev MD.[2] In 2005, the Southern Operational Association was created from the Southern Operational Command.[3] In October 2013, Operational Command South was created from the Southern Operational Association. In January 2015, Operational Command East was established with control over forces in Donetsk, Luhansk, Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk and Zaporizhia Oblasts. These areas were previously controlled by Operation Command South. The command is led by Major General Serhiy Nayev.[4] Units under the operational control of OC East are currently fighting in the War in Donbass.

Current Structure

Structure of the Operational Command East in 2017 as per the best available Ukrainian language sources.

Operational Command East has operational command of ground force units in Donetsk, Luhansk, Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhia, and Kharkiv oblasts.

  • Operational Command East, Dnipro
    • 17th Tank Brigade, Kryvyi Rih
    • 53rd Mechanized Brigade, Sievierodonetsk and Lysychansk
    • 54th Mechanized Brigade, Bakhmut
    • 92nd Mechanized Brigade, Kluhyno-Bashkyrivka
    • 93rd Mechanized Brigade, Cherkaske
    • 55th Artillery Brigade, Zaporizhia
    • 1039th Anti-aircraft Missile Regiment, Hvardiiske
    • 121st Signal Regiment, Cherkaske
    • 91st Engineer Regiment, Okhtyrka
    • 532nd Maintenance Regiment, Cherkaske
    • 502nd Electronic Warfare Battalion, Cherkaske
    • 74th Reconnaissance Battalion, Cherkaske
    • 133rd Security & Service Battalion, Dnipro
    • 188th Command & Intelligence Center, Dnipro
    • 368th Information & Signal Center, Dnipro
    • 78th Logistic Support Battalion, Kryvyi Rih
    • 227th Transport Battalion, Kryvyi Rih

Additionally the following major ground combat formations of other branches of the Ukrainian Armed Forces are based in the area of Operational Command East:


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