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Operation Wahiawa
Part of Vietnam War
UH-1D helicopters in Vietnam 1966.jpg
UH-1D helicopters airlift members of the 2nd Battalion, 14th Infantry Regiment from the Filhol Rubber Plantation during the operation
Date16-30 May 1966
LocationHậu Nghĩa Province, South Vietnam
Result U.S. operational success
United States Viet Cong
Commanders and leaders
MGen Frederick C. Weyand
25th Infantry Division 1st Battalion, 165A Regiment
Casualties and losses
157 killed

Operation Wahiawa was an operation conducted by the 25th Infantry Division in Hậu Nghĩa Province, lasting from 16 to 30 May 1966.[1]


U.S. intelligence indicated that the Viet Cong 1st Battalion, 165A Regiment and its headquarters and supply depots were located in the Filhol Plantation, the Ho Bo Woods and the Boi Loi Woods.[1]


Due to the proximity of the operational area to the 25th Division's Củ Chi Base Camp, Division commander BG Frederick C. Weyand committed the entire division to the operation. The divisions sweeps encountered sporadic resistance and uncovered numerous supply caches.[1]


Operation Wahiawa officially concluded on 30 May, Viet Cong losses were 157 killed.[1]


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