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Operation Vrbas 92
Part of Bosnian War
DateJune 1992 - October 27, 1992
LocationJajce, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Result Bosnian Serb victory
 Republika Srpska  Herzeg-Bosnia
Commanders and leaders
Republika Srpska Ratko Mladić
Republika Srpska 16,000 soldiers
80 tanks
Croatian Republic of Herzeg-Bosnia 14,000 men

Operation Vrbas 92 (Serbian language: Операција Врбас 92) was a military operation launched by the Army of Republika Srpska (VRS) in June 1992. The fighting lasted for months until the VRS 30th Krajina Division captured the town of Jajce and drove out the Croatian forces.[1]


At the same time when Operation Koridor was launched in order to break the blockade and capture Bosanska Posavina, the VRS launched another military operation. Their goal was to capture the town of Jajce.

After Operation Koridor ended with success, Serbian forces made the 30th Krajina Division stronger by sending tanks and artillery. The Army of Republika Srpska successfully captured the town of Jajce on 27 October 1992.[1]


After the capture of Bosanska Posavina in Operation Koridor that resulted in more than 1,224 Croatian Army and HVO soldiers killed and 6,240 wounded,[2] and after the capture of Jajce in Operation Vrbas '92 the Croats were forced to avoid clashes with the Army of Republic Srpska, and instead concentrated their forces on fighting the ARBiH.[1]


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