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Operation Taylor Common
Part of the Vietnam War
Date6 December 1968 – 9 March 1969
LocationAn Hoa Basin, Quang Nam Province
United States United States North Vietnam North Vietnam
Commanders and leaders
BrigGen Ross T. Dwyer Unknown
Unknown Unknown
Casualties and losses
151 killed,1,324 wounded (USMC account) 1,398 killed
unknown number wounded (USMC account)
29 POW

Operation Taylor Common was a search and destroy operation conducted by Task Force Yankee, a task organized force of the 1st Marine Division, during the Vietnam War from 6 December 1968 to 9 March 1969. The objective was to clear the An Hoa Basin, neutralize the North Vietnamese Army's Base Area 112 and develop Fire Support Bases (FSBs) to interdict Communist infiltration routes leading from the Laotian border.[1][2]

Order of battle

Participating units were:

Task Force Yankee
Army of the Republic of Vietnam


151 US Marines were killed and 1,324 wounded. They reported 1,398 Vietnamese were killed and took 29 POW.[3][4] One Marine, Lance Corporal William R. Prom, was awarded the Medal of Honor for gallantry during Taylor Common.

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