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Operation Sure Win 202
Part of Vietnam War
DateApril 27 – May 27, 1964
LocationQuang Ngai-Kontum
Result South Vietnamese victory
South Vietnam ARVN
United States
North Vietnam Provisional Revolutionary Government of the Republic of South Vietnam PLAF
Commanders and leaders
Do Cao Tri Nguyen Don
5,000 1,000
Casualties and losses
23 killed
87 wounded
62 killed
17 captured

Operation Sure Win 202 (Vietnamese : Chiến dịch Quyết Thắng 202) was a 1964 Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN) operation carried out with US support. ARVN commandos were transported by U.S. helicopters behind entrenched Viet Cong positions, attacking them with shoulder fired rockets and flame throwers. Sniper teams then tracked the fleeing rebels and engaged them.


The one month-long operation ended with heavy damages to the People's Liberation Armed Forces's (Viet Cong) communication line that linked Do Xa with other National Liberation Front controlled provinces, and forced a critical regrouping of the estimated nine hundred remaining Viet Cong fighters there.

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