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Operation Oklahoma Hills was a clear and search operation during the Vietnam War mounted by the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Battalions, 7th Marines, the 3rd Battalion, 26th Marines and the 51st Regiment of the ARVN from 1 March to 29 May 1969. It's objecive was to clear out NVA units from their base camps and infiltration routes in the hills and valleys of Quang Nam Province, southwest of Da Nang, particularly Happy Valley and Charlie Ridge.[1] In the course of the operation, the Marines encountered and cleared the base camps of the 31st and 141st NVA regiments. Though these NVA units largely avoided major confrontation with the Marines and ARVN during the operation, the Marinea inflicted 589 casualties on them. Forty-four Marines were killed during the operation and 439 suffered injuries requiring medical evacuation. 456 non-combat injuries were also reported.[2]


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