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Operation Karbala-9 (Persian: عملیات کربلای 9) was an offensive operation in Iran-Iraq war,[1][2] which was launched by Islamic Republic of Iran Army[3][4][5] with the operation code of "Ya Mahdi, Adrekni" (Persian/Arabic: یامهدی ادرکنی) on 9 April 1987.[6][7]

The goal of the operation which was in operation zone of "QasrShirin-SarpoleZahab" (Persian: قصرشیرین-سرپل‌ذهاب),[8] was to liberate the heights of the operation region of Qasr-e Shirin. As a result of the operation, heights-542 and Baba-Hadi outpost border were liberated. Apart from achivement of war booty, Iran killed 1800 Iraqis, and captured 55 of them.[9]

Despite that Shalamcheh region (in Iran) was involved in war, a new battle was launched --in the west of Iran-- by Iranian forces against Iraqi army by this name (Operation Karbala-9); During the mentioned operation, Iranian forces attacked its enemies in "Babadi-strait" located in Pishgah area, and assaulted Iraqi army by passing explosive traps and landmines. Afterwards, Islamic Republic of Iran army seized the strait of Babadi in three hours, and made the rest of Iraqi forces to withdraw from the region.[10]

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