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Operation Karbala 8 (Persian: عملیات کربلای ۸) is an operation[1][2][3] which was commenced by Iran on 7 April 1987 with the --Islamic-- code of "Ya Saheb al-Zaman" (Persian: یا صاحب الزمان).[4][5]

Operation Karbala 8 was launched with the goal of destruction of Iraqi forces, plus strengthening the obtained positions of operation Karbala 5 in 5 days by Iran in the east of Basrah operation area[5] (Shalamcheh)[6] by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps ground forces.[5]

As a result of operation Karbala-8, 250 persons from Iran[7] and 5000 persons from Iraqi army were killed, and 200 Iraqis were captured by Iranian forces -- as well as the spoils of war which were obtained by Iran.[5] On the other hand, Iraqi forces used chemical weapons against Iran at this operation.[8]

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