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Operation Hong Kil Dong
Part of Vietnam War
DateJuly 9 – August 26, 1967
LocationNear Tuy Hoa, South Vietnam
Result South Korean tactical victory
Flag of Vietnam.svg Vietnam People's Army
FNL Flag.svg People's Liberation Armed Forces
Flag of South Korea.svg Republic of Korea Army
Commanders and leaders
Lt. Gen.Chae Myung Shin
Units involved
VPA 5th Division
VPA 95th Regiment
PLAF 85th Regiment
Tiger Division
9th Infantry Division
Casualties and losses
Korean claim: 638 dead
88 captured
26 dead
63 wounded

Operation Hong Kil Dong was the largest South Korean operation of the Vietnam War. The 48-day-long operation was a major success as South Korean forces thwarted VPA/NLF infiltration into friendly areas.[1] The results of the operation were a kill ratio of 24:1 in the Korean's report: 638 Vietnamese to 26 South Koreans. 98 crew-served and 359 individual weapons were captured in the aftermath.

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