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Faw; (among the considered areas of Iranian forces against Iraqi forces; at Operation Dawn-9

Operation Dawn 9 (Persian: عملیات والفجر 9), also known as "Operation Walfajr-9", was a military operation during Iran-Iraq War,[1] which was launched on 24 February 1986[2][3] on the east area of Sulaymaniyah at the front of "northwest", which was performed by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.[4]

The mentioned operation was commenced on 24 o'clock with the code of "Ya Allah" (Persian: یاالله). The goal of "operation dawn-9" was to approach the city of Sulaymaniyah in Iraq, and likewise fighting the gathering of Iraqi forces in Faw. As a consequence of the operation (Dawn-9), more than 2500 soldiers were killed/injured; (1634 casualties for Iraqi army).[5]

As a result of the operation Dawn-9 (Walfajr-9) which was finished on 28 February 1986,[6] Iran's forces captured several areas from Iraqis; The captured places were including: A few border checkpoints from the heights Kana,[7] Sholeh-Kooran, Tange-Soor, MooBara, Makhlan, Kani-Maran, Sarv, heights 1470 and 1489.[8][9]

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