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Operation Dawn 7 (Operation Walfajr-7; Persian: عملیات والفجر 7) is the name of an operation during Iran-Iraq war (Persian: جنگ ایران-عراق) which was stopped before commencing --due to its specific conditions.[1]

The code of the operation was "Ya Zahra" (Persian: یازهرا); and the considered operational-related areas were consisted of Chazabeh which was located in the distance of 110 km to the north west of Ahwaz and Chilat (Dehloran).[2] (At the area of Zeid and Kooshk, where was located at the geographical location of --the north of-- Hosseinieh station.)[3]

Eventually, the determined operation[4] which was planned to be done after the Operation Dawn-6 --عملیات والفجر 6--[5][6][7] finished before begging; and it went to the next step to perform the next operation --namely "Operation Dawn 8" (Operation Walfajr-8) on 9 February 1986 on the south fronts, located in Abadan (Faw).[8]

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