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Operation Crescent Wind
Part of the War in Afghanistan (2001–2021) and the Afghan Civil War
Date7 October 2001 – December 2001
Result American/British victory
United States
 United Kingdom
Afghanistan Taliban
Commanders and leaders
United States General Tommy Franks
United States Lt. Gen. Charles F. Wald
Afghanistan Mullah Muhammad Omar
Casualties and losses
3 killed (friendly fire) 6,000+ killed total from Oct–Nov. 2001 (including casualties from the ground war)[1]
1,067–1,201 civilian deaths[2]

Operation Crescent Wind was the codename for the American and British air campaign over Afghanistan in October and November 2001. The bombing campaign was aided by special forces troops on the ground to provide targeting information for airstrikes. The campaign significantly weakened the Taliban, paving the way for offensives by the Northern Alliance to take place in November which quickly overran Taliban-controlled regions of Afghanistan.


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