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Operation Buster-Jangle
Buster-Jangle Dog
Country United States
Test site Nevada Test Site
Period October - November 1951
Number of tests 7
Test type Atmospheric/Underground
Device type Fission
Max. yield 31 kt
Previous test Operation Greenhouse
Next test Operation Tumbler-Snapper

Operation Buster-Jangle was a series of seven (six atmospheric, one cratering) nuclear weapons tests conducted by the United States in late 1951 at the Nevada Test Site. Buster-Jangle was the first joint test program between the DOD (Operation Buster) and Los Alamos National Laboratories (Operation Jangle). As part of Operation Buster, 6,500 troops were involved in the Operation Desert Rock I, II, and III exercises in conjunction with the tests.[1] The last two tests, Operation Jangle, evaluated the cratering effects of low-yield nuclear devices. This series preceded Operation Tumbler-Snapper and followed Operation Greenhouse.

Individual tests

Name Date, Time (UT[2]) Location Yield Notes
Able October 22, 1951, 14:00:00 NTS Area 7 37°05′02″N 116°01′29″W / 37.0838°N 116.0248°W / 37.0838; -116.0248, 30m tower "less than one pound" yield[3] First attempted firing on October 19 failed due to wiring problem; Mark 6;
fizzle; nuclear reaction occurred but nuclear yield smaller than yield of compression charges.
Baker October 28, 1951, 15:20:08.9 NTS Area 7 37°05′06″N 116°01′15″W / 37.085°N 116.0209°W / 37.085; -116.0209, 340m altitude 3.5 kilotons Mark 4; B-50 free airdrop.
Charlie October 30, 1951, 15:00:29.8 NTS Area 7 37°05′06″N 116°01′16″W / 37.085°N 116.0211°W / 37.085; -116.0211, 350m altitude 14 kilotons Mark 4; B-50 free airdrop.
Dog 1 November 1951 15:30:01.6 NTS Area 7 37°05′05″N 116°01′14″W / 37.0847°N 116.0206°W / 37.0847; -116.0206, 430m altitude 21 kilotons Mark 4; B-50 free airdrop; Desert Rock I.
Easy 5 November 1951 16:29:58.2 NTS Area 7 37°05′31″N 116°01′31″W / 37.0919°N 116.0253°W / 37.0919; -116.0253, 400m altitude 31 kilotons TX-7E; B-45 free airdrop.
Sugar 19 November 1951 16:59:59.7 NTS Area 9 37°07′53″N 116°02′22″W / 37.13151°N 116.03947°W / 37.13151; -116.03947 1.2 kilotons Mark 6; surface burst; Desert Rock II.
Uncle 29 November 1951 19:59:59.7 NTS Area 10 37°10′11″N 116°02′36″W / 37.1697°N 116.0434°W / 37.1697; -116.0434, -10m altitude 1.2 kilotons Mark 6; sub-surface burst; Desert Rock III.


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  2. Universal Time at the Nevada Test Site is 8 hours after local time; UT dates are one day after local date for UT times after 16:00.
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