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Operation Boswilger occurred during the Bush War between the Republic of South Africa and SWAPO. PLAN insurgents entered South West Africa damaging a bridge between Epali and Ondangwa, sabotaging telephone poles, mortaring the Eenhana base and a bomb was detonated at the Ongwediva Teachers Training College.[1]

Operation Boswilger
Part of South African Border War
Operation Boswilger is located in Angola
Operation Boswilger (Angola)

On 29 June 1985, South West Africa Territory Force (SWATF) mechanised reaction teams set off in a hot pursuit operation following the tracks of the insurgents across the border into Angola. Bases were attacked up to 40 km inside Angola. The operation lasted two days before the SWATF withdrew back across the border to SWA.

At the end of the operation, 56 PLAN insurgents had been killed with one casualty from the SWATF with weapons and ammunition captured.[2]

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Coordinates: 17°19′22″S 13°55′16″E / 17.3227°S 13.9211°E / -17.3227; 13.9211

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