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Olive Anderson (1927-2016) was professor of history at Westfield College, University of London.[1] She has been noted for her innovative approach to the writing of military history, which concentrated on the political, administrative, and cultural aspects of conflicts rather than strategy or tactics.[2] In 2017, she featured in a conference, London's Women Historians, held at the Institute of Historical Research.[3]

Selected publications

  • "The Political uses of History in Mid Nineteenth-Century England", Past & Present, Vol. 36, Issue 1 (April 1967), pp. 87–105.
  • A Liberal State at War: English Politics and Economics during the Crimean War (1967)
  • "The Growth of Christian Militarism in mid-Victorian Britain", English Historical Review, 1971.
  • Suicide in Victorian and Edwardian England (1987)[4][5]


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