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Olga of Kyiv
Saint Olga by M. Nesterov
Grand Prince of Kyiv
Preceded by Ihor I
Succeeded by Sviatoslav the Brave
Personal details
Born c. 890–925
Died 969

Olha of Kyiv (Saint Olga, Olga of Kyiv) (Church Slavonic: Ольга; born c. 890–925, in Pskov – died 969 AD in Kyiv) was a regent of Kyivan Rus' for her son Svyatoslav from 945 until 960. Due to the imperfect transliteration between Old East Slavic and the English language, the name Olga is synonymous with Olha. She is known for her subjugation of the Drevlians, a tribe that had killed her husband Ihor of Kyiv. Even though it would be her grandson Volodymyr the Great that would convert the entire nation to Christianity, because of her efforts to spread Christianity through Rus', Olga is venerated as a saint in the Eastern Orthodox Church with the epithet "Equal to the Apostles" and her feast day is the 11th of July.


After Ihor's death in 945, Olha ruled Kyivan Rus as regent on behalf of their son Sviatoslav Ihorovych. Little is known about Olha's tenure as ruler of Kyiv, but the Primary Chronicle does give an account of her accession to the throne and her bloody revenge on the Drevlians for the murder of her husband as well as some insight into her role as civil leader of the Kyivan people.