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Old Rainworth Fort
Springsure, Queensland
Type Blockhouse
Coordinates Latitude: -24.274974
Longitude: 148.048056
Built 1862
Local stone
Height 1 floor
In use 1862-early 1900's
Queensland Heritage Listed
Open to
the public
Controlled by  Australia

Old Rainworth Fort a.k.a. Old Rainworth Stone Store a.k.a.Rainworth Head Station Store is a fortified Blockhouse 10 km south of the town of Springsure, Queensland. The fort has been registered with the Queensland heritage register.[1] It served as a store for the local community, and was built from local stone in case of an attack by local Aboriginal tribes during the time that would later be called the Australian frontier wars.


The fort was built on the Rainworth Station in 1862 to act as a store for food for all of the staff and families of the 100,000-acre cattle property.[2] The store was built out of stone in order to reduce threats of fire and to act as a safe haven during an Aboriginal raid. The fort was constructed in retaliation of the Wills family massacre, more commonly known as the Wills Tragedy that took place to the north of Springsure, in the Minerva hills.[3]


The museum complex contains the Fort in its original condition, the relocated Cairdbeign homestead and the original school building from the 1800s. The museum contains many period pieces and artefacts of local importance.[4] According to the current caretakers of the fort, Colleen McLaughlin and her sister Lorna Smith, the future of the Historic site is unsure:

"The most common comment that we have in our (visitors) book is the preservation of the history in this district," Ms McLaughlin said.

"This is not just a stone building in the backyard of Springsure. There is nothing like it anywhere else anywhere in Australia

"We have people who have signed it, saying this is an icon this must be preserved.

"The future's the $64,000 question... the whole area is national heritage and I just hope somewhere along the line a trust will be formed."


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