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LRSVM M18 Oganj
Oganj modularni lanser
M-18 Oganj of the Serbian Army
Type Self-propelled multiple rocket launcher
Place of origin Serbia
Service history
Used by In final stage of testing by Serbian Army
Production history
Designer Military Technical Institute Belgrade
Designed 2018
Manufacturer Krušik Valjevo, PPT Namenska, Zastava TERVO
No. built 2 prototypes
Crew 3

Cartridge Length:
Caliber 128 mm (5.0 in) 122 mm (4.8 in) 107 mm (4.2 in)
Barrels 2 to 8 containers with different missiles
Maximum firing range 50 km (31 mi) with Oganj 128mm M18 and Košava missiles

Armor armored cabin
M86 machine gun
Maximum speed 80 km/h (50 mph)
TV/IC and Inertial for some missiles

The LRSVM M18 Oganj is a modular self-propelled multiple rocket launcher developed in Serbia on 6x6 chassis. It can have 2 to 8 containers with different guided and unguided missiles.


Development of LRSVM M18 is partially based on existing LRSVM Morava but on 6x6 chassis with armored cab and new set of electronics and possible missiles that can be launched from containers. Added new possibilities enable launcher to easy orient itself with GPS/GLONASS assistance and inertial navigation and launch different types of guided and unguided missiles with some of them still in development. It can use RALAS(previously known as LORANA),[1][2] ALAS (missile) and Košava 1 guided missiles. Vehicle possess antenna and other relevant parts of computerized guidance system needed to launch guided missiles, has new digital radio and Inertial navigation system.[3] It can also use variety of unguided missiles in 107, 122 and 128mm caliber.[4] During live firing it has achieved 40km range with G-2000 122mm unguided missile.[5] It is based on FAP 2228 6x6 chassis.[6][7]

Sloboda 2019 - defile 13 - M-77 Oganj modernizovani 01



There are many domestic models of rockets that LRSVM M18 can use.

Rocket Number of tubes in launch container or max number of containers Maximum Range Rocket caliber
Model Per container Km mm
Plamen A 16 8.6 128
Plamen D 16 12.6 128
Oganj M77 12 22.5 128
Oganj ER[8] 12 50 128
Grad 12 35 122
G-2000 [9] 12 40 122
Edepro G2000/52 [10] 12 52 122
Krušik Valjevo 107[9] 25 11.5 107
Košava 1 4 containers with 1 missile 50 230
Košava 2 2 containers with 1 missile 70 325
ALAS (missile) 8 containers with 1 missile 25 175
RALAS 8 containers with 1 missile 10 175

Beside domestically developed rocket it can also use all known Grad missiles.

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