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Oflag VII-D / Oflag VII-C/Z / Ilag VII/Z
Tittmoning, Bavaria
Type Prisoner-of-war camp / internment camp
Coordinates Latitude: 48.06063
Longitude: 12.76328
In use 1941–1945
Controlled by  Nazi Germany
Occupants Allied POWs
Channel Island internees

Oflag VII-D was a World War II German prisoner-of-war camp for officers (Offizierlager) located in Tittmoning Castle in south-eastern Bavaria.

Camp history

The camp was opened as Oflag VII-D in February 1941, but in November 1941 became a sub-camp of Oflag VII-C, and was redesignated Oflag VII-C/Z.[1] During their internment the activities of the prisoners included putting on performances of plays and sketches, including a performance of Shakespeare's Hamlet.[2] In February 1942 the prisoners were transferred to Oflag VII-B in Eichstätt, and the castle then became an internment camp (Internierungslager) for men from the British Channel Islands of Jersey and Guernsey. As a sub-camp of Ilag VII, it was designated Ilag VII/Z. The camp was liberated in May 1945.

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