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The United States Department of Defense's Office of Net Assessment (ONA) was created in 1973. The Director of Net Assessment is the principal staff assistant and advisor to the Secretary and Deputy Secretary of Defense on net assessment matters. According to Defense Directive 5111.11, the Director shall develop and coordinate net assessments of the standing, trends, and future prospects of U.S. military capabilities and military potential in comparison with those of other countries or groups of countries so as to identify emerging or future threats or opportunities for the United States.[1][2] In essence, ONA operates as an internal think tank for the Department. Andrew Marshall was named its first director, a position he appears to still hold under the Obama administration. Staff members have included:

  • David S. Yost
  • John Milam, strategic analyst.
  • Donald Henry, "special assistant to the director of net assessment in the Office of Net Assessment within OSD"
  • Stephen Michael Meyer
  • Andrew D. May
  • Andrew F. Krepinevich, Jr., currently the director of the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments
  • Keith Bickel, currently Director of Corporate Strategy for Freddie Mac
  • Tim Graczewski, currently Director of Strategic Alliances & Corporate Development for Intuit


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