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In January 1942 the Director of Material and Procurement was appointed to coordinate all material procurement activities of the US Navy. In 1948 the office title was changed to Chief of Division of Material, and in 1984 to Chief of the Office of Naval Material. In 1983 title was changed to Naval Material Command. On 6 May 1985, the Command was disestablished. Acquisition functions were passed onto the following Commands: Naval Air Systems, Naval Sea Systems, Space and Naval Warfare Systems, Naval Facilities Engineering, Naval Supply Systems, and the Strategic Systems Program Office. The Office of Naval Acquisition Support was established to create acquisition support for functions that span across Commands, and that require a degree of independence in their operations.

Chief of Naval Material Tenure
1 RADM (ADM) Samuel M. Robinson 1942-1945
2 VADM (ADM) Ben Moreell 1946
3 VADM Edward L. Cochrane 1947
4 VADM Arthur C. Miles 1948-1949
5 VADM Edwin D. Foser 1950
6 VADM Albert G. Noble 1951
7 VADM Charles W. Fox 1952-1953
8 VADM John Gingrich 1954
9 VADM Murray L. Royar 1955
10 VADM Edward W. Clexton February 1956 - 1960
11 VADM George F. Beardsley July 1960 - 1963
12 VADM William A. Schoech July 1963 - 1965
13 VADM (ADM) Ignatius J. Galantin March 1965 - 1970
14 VADM (ADM) Jackson D. Arnold June 1970 - 1971
15 ADM Isaac C. Kidd Jr. December 1971 - 1975
16 ADM Frederick H. Michaelis April 1975 - 1978
17 ADM Alfred J. Whittle Jr. August 1978 - 1981
18 ADM John G. Williams Jr. July 1981 - 1983
19 ADM Steve A. White August 1983 - 1985

 This article incorporates public domain material from the United States Government document "Office of Naval Material - Lists of Commanding Officers and Senior Officials of the U.S. Navy".

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