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Oda Nobuhiro (織田 信広?, died October 13, 1574) was the eldest son of Oda Nobuhide. After Nobuhiro's father took Anjo Castle in Mikawa Province in 1540, the castle was given to Nobuhiro. During 1549, Nobuhiro was trapped by the Imagawa clan, but was saved when the Oda clan handed over one of their hostages—Matsudaira Takechiyo, later known as Tokugawa Ieyasu to make up for not lifting the siege of Anjō.

As Nobuhide's illegitimate son, Nobuhiro's power would slowly fade and always be looked down upon by his younger brother Nobunaga and even by many of his own retainers. Afterwards, Nobuhiro was forced to step down as the head of the Oda to allow Nobunaga to be the new head. Later on, Nobuhiro plotted against Nobunaga with the assistance of Saitō Yoshitatsu. Their scheme was uncovered before any damage was brought upon anyone, and Nobunaga forgave Nobuhiro. Nobuhiro ended up getting killed later on the 13th of October fighting the Nagashima monto.


  • Sisters:
    • Oichi (1547-1583)
    • Oinu

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