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Occupation of Poti
Part of 2008 South Ossetia War
Date9–19 August 2008
LocationPoti, Georgia
Result Decisive Russian victory
 Russia  Georgia
Commanders and leaders
Russia Vyacheslav Borisov Georgia (country) Davit Kezerashvili
Casualties and losses
None 3 naval vessels sunk
1 naval vessel damaged
4 Humvees captured
22 soldiers captured

The Raid on Poti was a series of Russian strikes against the Georgian port of Poti during the 2008 South Ossetian War in August 2008. The city was later occupied by Russian troops, who remained for some time before eventually withdrawing.


Poti is one of Georgia's main ports on the Black Sea. There are also Georgian military air bases around the city.[citation needed] A major oil pipeline delivering oil to Europe also passes through here. As such it was an area where considerable Russian effort was made during the war.


Initial Air and Sea Attacks

The Russian air force bombed the port and its facilities on August 9,[1] attacking both the port and a nearby airbase.[2]

Capture of Senaki

The town of Senaki which is several miles inland from the port was captured by Russian Forces on August 11.[3] Thus Poti was effectively cut off as the only major road linking it with the rest of Georgia passes through Senaki.[4] Two Georgian helicopters taking off from Senaki airbase were also shot down. Although the Russians withdrew a day later,[5] the action demonstrated the general helplessness and the inability of the Georgians to resist.


On August 14 it was reported by elements of the media that Russian troops had occupied the city,[6] and that Georgian naval vessels had been sunk,[7] although it was not immediately clear whether this was accomplished by land, air or naval forces.[8]

On August 19, 2008, Russian troops captured 22 Georgian soldiers and seized four American Humvees in the port city.[9]


The UNOSAT carried out the analysis of satellite pictures of Poti on August 25, 2009. Six submerged Georgian boats were identified, while no other damage was visible in the city.[10]


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