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MDS 35 Oberstaabsbootsmann 20.svg MDJA 35 Oberstabsbootsmann 30 Lu.svg MA OG5 35 Oberstabsbootsmann.svg
Rank insignia German NCO rank
Introduction 1955
Rank group Non-commissioned officers
Navy Oberstabsbootsmann
Army / Air Force Oberstabsfeldwebel
Army Sergeant Major
Air Force Chief Master Sergeant

Oberstabsbootsmann[1] (OStBtsm or OSB) is the highest Non-commissioned officer (NCO) rank in the German Navy. It is grouped as OR9 in NATO, equivalent to an Sergeant Major in the United States Navy, and an Warrant Officer Class 1 in the British Royal Navy

In navy context NCOs of this rank were formally addressed as Herr Oberstabsbootsmann also informally / short Oberstaber.

The rank was introduced in the German Navy equivalent to the German Heer and German Luftwaffe grad Oberstabsfeldwebel in 1995, and belongs to the grad group Unteroffiziere mit Portepee.

The sequence of ranks (top-down approach) in that particular group (Senior NCOs with portepee) is as follows:


The abbreviation "OR" stands for "Other Ranks / fr: sous-officiers et militaires du rang / ru:другие ранги, кроме офицероф"!

junior Rank
Bundeswehr Logo Marine with lettering.svg

(German NCO rank)

senior Rank
Leutnant zur See


The rank has never been used before by the Reichsmarine, the Kriegsmarine as well as in the GDR Volksmarine.

Equivalent in other countries

  • Flag of Belgium.svg - Maître-principal/ Oppermeester
  • Flag of Canada.svg- Chief Petty Officer 1st Class/ Premier maître de 1re classe
  • Flag of Croatia.svg- Časnički namjesnik
  • Flag of Denmark.svg - Chefsergent
  • Flag of France.svg - Maître principal
  • Flag of Greece.svg – Ανθυπασπιστής/ Anthypaspistis
  • Flag of Iceland.svg - Petty officer/specialist
  • Flag of Italy.svg - capo di prima classe
  • Flag of Netherlands.svg - Adjudant-onderofficer
  • Flag of Poland.svg - Starszy chorąży marynarki
  • Flag of Portugal.svg - Sargento-mor
  • Flag of Spain.svg - Subteniente
  • Flag of the United Kingdom.svg - Warrant Officer Class 1
  • Flag of the United States.svg - Master chief petty officer

Sources/ references

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