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Type Main Battle Tank
Place of origin  Italy
Service history
In service 1981-Present
Used by  United Arab Emirates
Production history
Designer OTO Melara
Designed 1977
Manufacturer OTO Melara/FIAT
Produced 1980-1985
Weight 45,500 kg (50.2 short tons)
Length 9.22 m (30.2 ft)
Width 3.51 m (11.5 ft)
Height 2.45 m (8.0 ft)
Crew 4

1 x 105mm L7 gun
(57 rounds - 42 hull, 15 turret)
2 x 7.62mm machine guns (1 coaxial, 1 anti-aircraft)
Engine MTU MB 838 Ca M500 V-10
830hp @ 2,200rpm
Power/weight 18.24 hp/t
Suspension Torsion bar
Fuel capacity 1,000 l (260 US gal)
600 km (370 mi)
Speed 60 km/h (37 mph)

The OF-40 tank was developed as a joint venture between OTO Melara and FIAT, and intended primarily for export sales. OTO Melara would develop and produce the hulls, and automotive components would be provided by FIAT.[1] Initial design work was started by OTO Melara in 1977, with the first prototypes ready by 1980.


Superficially, the OF-40 appears very similar to versions of the German Leopard 1 with welded turrets (Leopard 1A3 & 1A4). The OF-40 does share some common components with the Leopard 1, which had also been produced under license by OTO Melara since 1974. The OF-40 follows a conventional modern tank design. The driver is located in the front-right of the hull, with ammunition storage and NBC overpressure system located to the driver's left. The turret is located toward the middle of the tank, with the gunner and commander on the right side of the turret, and the loader on the left.


While the tank was trialed by Thailand, demonstrated in Egypt and offered for local production in Spain and Greece, the only orders for the vehicles ultimately came from the United Arab Emirates. The first UAE order of 18 OF-40s was filled in 1981.[1] This was followed by a second order for 18 more OF-40s, and 3 OF-40 derived armoured recovery vehicles which was filled by 1985. OTO Melara no longer offers the OF-40 for purchase.


OF-40 Mk.2 - The Mk.2 version of the OF-40 featured an improved fire control system which featured better gun stabilisation and additional sensors. The Mk.2 also had an improved day/night periscope for the commander, a scope with better magnification for the gunner, and a turret mounted LLLTV camera. All UAE OF-40s have been upgraded to Mk.2 standard.

OF-40 ARV - An armoured recovery vehicle based on the OF-40 hull.

OF-40 SPAAG - Although it was never produced, a self-propelled anti-aircraft vehicle similar to the Gepard was proposed should any customers request it.

Related Developments

Palmaria - The OF-40 hull was later used as the basis for the Palmaria self-propelled artillery system. The Palmaria met with far more success than the OF-40, with 210 being ordered by Libya and 25 by Nigeria. Argentina purchased the Palmaria turrets, but used their own TAM hulls.

OTOMATIC - Both Leopard 1 and OF-40 hulls were used during the development for the as yet unordered OTOMATIC self-propelled air-defence system


  •  United Arab Emirates - 36 OF-40 Mk.2, 3 OF-40 ARV

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