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The Norwegian Veterans' Association for International Operations (NVIO) (Norwegian language: Norges Veteranforbund for Internasjonale Operasjoner), is an organization of Norwegian veterans of military operations outside Norway, under the command of United Nations and NATO, founded in 1961.[1] Membership has passed 7200, and it is the largest of the organizations for veterans in Norway.[2][better source needed]


Its first name was ”Norske militære FN-observatørers landsforbund” (English: Norwegian Military UN Observers' National Association). Later this was changed to ”FN-befalets landforbund" (English: UN Officers' National Association), and in 1988 it was changed again, this time to ”FN-veteranenes Landsforbund" (FNVLF) (English: The UN Veterans' National Association) also opening up the organization for membership for regular soldiers.[1]

Notable employees[]

  • Geir O. Stamnes[3]


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