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The 617è Squadron of Royal Air Force, better known as the squadron "Dambusters". Currently operates with Panavia Tornado GR4 and is headquartered in Lossiemouth, Scotland.


The 617 Squadron is possibly the most famous RAF currently in operation. Was formed in March 21 of 1943, specially for

The Dambusters insignia

 Operation Chastise. Initially led by Guy Gibson. The low-altitude attack against the dams in German Ruhr became famous, which earned them the nickname of Dambusters.

After this attack the 617th was called to perform several special assignments where giant pumps used as the 'Tallboy' of 5.448 kg and a 'Grand Slam' of 9.988 kg . After the war, received 617 Bombers Lincoln in September 1946. In 1952 received the 617 planes Canberra. In December 15 of 1955 was deactivated and reactivated in May 1 of 1958 when it started to operate with Avro Vulcan. The 617 stayed with the aircraft until December 31 of 1981, when the unit was deactivated. The next year the 617th was reactivated and began operating with Tornado GR1 in Marham.

Squadron 617 went back into combat 1991 in Gulf War and then participated in patrols on the Exclusion zones at Iraq starting from the Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Recently participated in the Iraq War (Operation Telic for the British ) by using the Tornado GR4.

Battle Honours : Dams of the Ruhr, 1943, Fortress Europe, 1943-45 ; Port of Barcelona, in 1944, Germany and France, 1944–45, Normandy, 1944; Tirpitz, 1944, North Sea, 1944–45, German Ports, 1945; Gulf War in 1991.

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