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No. 293 Squadron RAF
Active 28 Nov 1943 - 5 Apr 1946
Country United Kingdom United Kingdom
Branch Ensign of the Royal Air Force.svg Royal Air Force
Role air-sea rescue
Part of Mediterranean Air Command[1]
Motto(s) Latin: Ex aere salus
(Translation: "Safety from the air")[2]
Squadron Badge heraldry Over waves of the sea, a dexter hand couped at the wrist in bend sinister[2]
Squadron Codes ZE (Nov 1943 - Apr 1946)[3][4]

No. 293 Squadron was a Royal Air Force air-sea rescue squadron. During the second world war the unit operated search and rescue missions for Allied aircraft operating over Italy.


No. 293 Squadron was formed at RAF Blida, North Africa on 28 November 1943 with the Vickers Warwick in the air-sea rescue role. After providing detachments into Italy the squadron moved to Pomigliano, Italy in March 1944. In April 1944 the Warwicks were supplemented by Supermarine Walrus flying boats. In March 1945 the squadron moved to Foggia, but moved back to Pomigliano in June where it stayed until it was disbanded on the 5 April 1946.

Aircraft operated

Aircraft operated by no. 293 Squadron RAF, data from[5][6][7]
From To Aircraft Variant Notes
November 1943 April 1946 Vickers Warwick ASR Mk.I Twin-engined bomber operated in the search and rescue role.
April 1944 April 1946 Supermarine Walrus Mks.I, II Single pusher-engined biplane rescue amphibian.

Squadron bases

Bases and airfields used by no. 293 Squadron RAF, data from[5][6][7][8]
From To Base Remark
November 1943 December 1943 RAF Blida, Algeria
December 1943 March 1944 RAF Bone, Algeria Det. at Pomigliano, Italy
March 1944 March 1945 Pomigliano, Italy Dets. all over the Italian coast
March 1945 June 1945 Foggia, Italy Dets. at Tortoreto, Italy; Udine, Italy and Cesenatico, Iatly
June 1945 April 1946 Pomigliano, Italy

Commanding officers

Officrs commanding no. 293 Squadron RAF, data from[8]
From To Name
November 1943 October 1944 S/Ldr. R.W. Pye
October 1944 August 1945 S/Ldr. W.R. Gellatly, RNZAF
August 1945 April 1946 S/Ldr. R.J. Cruttenden

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