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No. 162 Squadron RAF
Active 1 June 1918 – 4 July 1918
4 January 1942 – 25 September 1944
18 December 1944 – 14 July 1945
Country United Kingdom United Kingdom
Branch Ensign of the Royal Air Force.svg Royal Air Force
Motto(s) One time, one purpose
Squadron Badge An erased head of a bat in front of a meteor

No. 162 Squadron RAF was a Royal Air Force Squadron that was a radio jamming/calibration and light bomber unit in World War II.


Formation and World War I

No. 162 Squadron Royal Flying Corps was formed on 1 June 1918 but it was not equipped with any aircraft and was disbanded on 4 Jul 1918 without becoming operational.

Reformation in World War II

The squadron reformed in 1 January 1942 at RAF Kabrit, Egypt and was equipped with Wellingtons and Blenheim aircraft on radio jamming operations against the Afrika Corps. It was disbanded on 25 Sep 1944 and reformed at RAF Bourn on 18 December 1944 as a Mosquito Squadron on operations over Germany as part of the Night Striking Force. It was finally disbanded on 14 July 1946, having transferred to RAF Transport Command operating a mail service.

Aircraft operated

Aircraft operated by no. 162 Squadron RAF
From To Aircraft Variant
Jan 1942 Feb 1944 Vickers Wellington IC
Feb 1942 Jul 1942 Bristol Blenheim IV
Jul 1942 Jan 1944 Bristol Blenheim V
Sep 1943 Nov 1943 Vickers Wellington III
Sep 1943 Jan 1944 Martin Baltimore II
Oct 1943 Nov 1943 Martin Baltimore I
Oct 1943 Jan 1944 de Havilland Mosquito VI
Jan 1944 Jul 1944 Vickers Wellington III
Jan 1944 Sep 1944 Martin Baltimore III
Mar 1944 Jul 1944 Vickers Wellington DWI
Apr 1944 Sep 1944 Vickers Wellington X
Apr 1944 Jul 1944 de Havilland Mosquito VI
Dec 1944 Jul 1946 de Havilland Mosquito XXV
Feb 1945 Jul 1946 de Havilland Mosquito XX



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