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Nicolas Lorgne on a copper engraving by Laurent Cars, c. 1725

Nicolas Lorgne was the 21st Grand Master of the Order of Knights Hospitaller, which he commanded from 1277 until 1285.


Artist's impression in 1871 of the Castle of Crac, showing its extensive 13th century Zwinger system around the inner ward

Previously for many years the casteln of the crusader castle of Crac, Lorgne made improvements to Crac in the mid-13th century. An inscription records that he had a barbacane built, probably a reference to the zwinger system around the castle which can be dated to around 1250. About the year 1270 this was improved and extended, but nevertheless in 1271 the Muslims under Sultan Baibars I captured Crac after a four-week siege.[1]

Lorgne succeeded Hugues de Revel as Grand Master of the Knights Hospitaller in 1277, at a time when the situation of the Order in the Levant was desperate, and soon a truce for ten years was agreed. In 1281 Lorgne wrote to Edward I of England and others to appeal for help, but little came. Despite the truce, the Sultan Qala'un of Egypt began a siege of the castle of Margat on 17 April 1285, and on 25 May 1285 the castle surrendered. Within weeks Lorgne died, to be succeeded by Jean de Villiers.[1][2]


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Preceded by
Hugues de Revel
Grand Master of the Knights Hospitaller
Succeeded by
Jean de Villiers

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