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Nguyễn Cửu Đàm (died 1777) was a Vietnamese general under the Nguyễn lords who built the citadel in Saigon in 1772 to protect the newly acquired southern territories against the Siamese army.[1] He also built the kênh Ruột Ngựa (Sino-Vietnamese: Mã Trường Giang) "Horse Entrails canal."[2]


  1. Erik Harms Saigon's Edge: On the Margins of Ho Chi Minh City 2011 - Page 37 "Although most sources identify the founding of what is now Ho Chi Minh City with the military occupation of the area, the naming of districts, and the establishment of administrative works by Nguyễn Hữu Cảnh in 1698, Professor Nguyễn Đình Đầu argues that it did not become a true “city” until Nguyễn Cửu Đàm built a citadel there in 1772 to protect against the danger of Siamese ."
  2. Seminar on Vietnamese Studies - Volume 1 - Page 183 1997 - "In the fall of 1772, the Nguyen general Nguyen Cuu Dam ordered that a canal be dug from the Cat River northward (what is now Cho Lon). This canal was named Horse Entrails [Ruot Ngua] because of its shape.14 During this period a number ...

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