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The Nepalese Army participated in World War I with The First Rifle, Kalibox, Sumsher Dal, Jabbar Jung, Pasupati Prasad, Bhairab Nath, Second Rifle, Bhairung and Srinath Battalions. The total number of NA troops deployed to India at the time was 14,000, though some sources claim it to be as 16,000.[1] Troops were armed with the Martin Henry and Enfield rifles. General Babar Shumsher, General Tej Shumsher and General Padma Shumsher, were the main commanders. The discipline, professionalism and adaptability of the Nepalese soldiers was again well respected in the First World War. Additionally, Nepal also sent almost two hundred thousand troops, the cream of its manhood, and proportionately a higher percentage of military aged men than most countries, to fight as part of the British Indian Army itself.



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