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Weapon introduced in May 1940, originally designed for the use of chemical weapons (the name in German means launcher smoke). In 1942, became employed as artillery saturation. Efficient, the problem had to be easily spotted because of the smoke trail of the shooting, which also forced the garrison to take cover in a trench during the shooting of the gun. Furthermore, the projectiles had a very specific sound, which made the weapon was known as "Minnie the wailers. One version, a single tube, for the paratroopers was also done


Model: 15 cm Nebelwerfer 41

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Caliber: 158 mm Barrel length: 1.3 m Conteiro: 30 Elevation: 44 Maximum range: 7055 m (explosive ordnance) Rate of fire: Six shots in ten seconds, 90 seconds to reload the weapon. Ammunition: Six grenades Wurfgranate 41 Spreng Grenade: 31.8 kg (total weight), Propellant: 6.35 kg (black powder), 2.4 kg (explosive charge). Initial velocity: 342 m / s

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