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Navy Occupational Safety & Health is s U.S. Navy organization. Its acronym is NAVOSH, and it is responsible for safety practices within the Navy.


NAVOSH provides safety assistance and advice to the CNO, CMC, and the Deputy Assistant SECNAV for Safety in order to enhance the warfighting capability of the Navy and Marine Corps, preserve resources and improve combat readiness by preventing mishaps and saving lives.


A mishap-Free Navy and Marine Corps Team.

NAVOSH Functions

The NAVOSH Naval Safety Center supports the Naval Safety Program through:

  • Guidance and direction
  • Safety data services
  • Safety program services
  • Marketing of safety

Guiding principles

To accomplish its mission, it relies on naval leadership, teamwork, continuous improvement, customer focus, and personal integrity. Its initiatives is shaped by:

  • Feedback from the Fleet and our Naval Safety Center team
  • Mishap trends, safety surveys, unit assessments, and hazard reports
  • Evaluation of emerging safety technology and processes in government and private industry.

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