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Insignia of the Russian Navy.

The Navy of the Russian Federation inherited the ranks of the Soviet Navy, although the insignia and uniform were slightly altered.

The Russian armed forces have two styles of ranks:

  • Troop ranks (army-style ranks) and
  • Deck ranks (navy-style ranks).

The Army, Air Force and Airborne Forces use troop ranks. The Navy dominantly uses deck ranks but also uses troop ranks for some specialties: naval aviation, marine infantry, medical, and legal.

Rank titles are sometimes appended due to assignment, branch or status:

  • The ranks of servicemen assigned to a "Guards" unit, formation or ship are preceded by the word “Guards”;
  • The ranks of servicemen in the legal, medical and veterinary branches are followed by “of Justice”, “of the Medical Service”, and “of the Veterinary Service”, respectively;
  • The ranks of servicemen in the reserve or in retirement are be followed by “of the Reserve” or “in Retirement”, respectively;
  • The rank descriptor "of Aviation" was officially abolished but is still commonly used.

The following table of navy ranks illustrates those of the Russian Federation. The English translation is given first, followed by the rank in Russian.

Officer Ranks

Commissioned Officers of the Russian Navy[1]
NATO code equivalent OF-9 OF-8 OF-7 OF-6 OF-5 OF-4 OF-3 OF-2 OF-1 OF-1
Sleeve insignia RAF N F9-AdmFlota sleeve.png RAF N F8-Admiral sleeve.png RAF N F7-VizeAdm sleeve.png RAF N F6-KontAdm sleeve.png RAF N F5-Kapitan-1st sleeve.png RAF N F4-Kapitan-2nd sleeve.png RAF N F3-Kapitan-3rd sleeve.png RAF N F2-KaptLt sleeve.png RAF N F1a-StLt sleeve.png RAF N F1b-Lt sleeve.png RAF N F1c-MlLt sleeve.png
Shoulder insignia² RAF N F9-AdmFlota 2013–.png RAF N F8-Admiral 2010–.png RAF N F7-VizeAdm 2010–.png RAF N F6-KontAdm 2010–.png RAF N F5-Kapitan-1st 2010–.png RAF N F4-Kapitan-2nd 2010–.png RAF N F3-Kapitan-3rd 2010–.png RAF N F2-KaptLt 2010–.png RAF N F1a-StLt 2010–.png RAF N F1b-Lt 2010–.png RAF N F1c-MlLt 2010–.png
Title Admiral of the Fleet
(Адмирал флота)¹
Vice Admiral
Rear Admiral/Counter Admiral
Captain 1st Rank
(Капитан 1-го ранга)
Captain 2nd Rank
(Капитан 2-го ранга)
Captain 3rd Rank
(Капитан 3-го ранга)
Captain Lieutenant
Senior Lieutenant
(Старший лейтенант)
Junior Lieutenant
(Младший лейтенант)
¹Rank not awarded since Vladimir Masorin's retirement in 2007.
Russian Navy Officers Dress Uniform, Ranks, Insignia and Badges

Warrant Officers and Rates

Warrant Officers¹ and Rates of the Russian Navy[1]
NATO code equivalent N/A (Discontinued) OR-8 OR-7 OR-6 OR-5 OR-4 OR-1
Shoulder insignia² RAF N W2-StMichm 2010–.svg RAF N W1-Michm 2010–.svg RAF N R8-GlKorStarsh 2010–.svg RAF N R7-GlStarsh 2010–.svg RAF N R6-Starsh1st 2010–.svg RAF N R4-Starsh2st 2010–.svg RAF N R2-StMatros 2010–.svg RAF N R1-Matros 2010–.svg
Title Chief Warrant officer/Midshipman
(Старший мичман)
Warrant officer/Midshipman
Chief Ship Petty Officer
(Главный корабельный

Chief Petty Officer
(Главный старшина)

Petty Officer
First Class

1 статьи)

Petty Officer
Second Class

2 статьи)
Senior Seaman
(Старший матрос)
¹Warrant Officer ranks may be abolished soon[2] but the abolition began in 2009 in accordance with defense regulations
²Parade dress uniform colors (black on gold) are the reverse of the duty uniform.

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