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1940s aerial view of Outlying Landing Field Whitehouse in Florida

An Outlying Landing Field, or Naval Outlying Landing Field, is an auxiliary airfield, associated with a Naval Air Station, used by the United States Navy.

Having no based units or aircraft and minimal facilities, an outlying landing field is used as a low-traffic location for flight training, without the risks and distractions of other traffic at a naval air station or other airport.


Field Name FAA ID Location Naval Air Station
Barin NBJ Foley, Alabama Whiting Field
Cabaniss Field NGW Corpus Christi, Texas Corpus Christi
Choctaw NFJ Milton, Florida Whiting Field
Coupeville NRA Coupeville, Washington Whidbey Island
Holley NKL Fort Walton Beach, Florida Whiting Field
Imperial Beach NRS Imperial Beach, California North Island
Joe Williams NJW Meridian, Mississippi Meridian
Pace NVI Wallace, Florida Whiting Field
San Nicolas Island NSI San Nicolas Island, California Point Mugu
Santa Rosa NGS Milton, Florida Whiting Field
Saufley Field NUN Pensacola, Florida Whiting Field
Spencer Field NRQ Pace, Florida Whiting Field
Summerdale NFD Summerdale, Alabama Whiting Field
Webster NUI St. Inigoes, Maryland Patuxent River
Whitehouse NEN Jacksonville, Florida Jacksonville

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